All Sunny Here!

Hey there everyone! This is my first offical post without Aeryn and I haven’t the slightest idea how to use wordpress 😛 So wish me luck! (been a rough start here I must say, definitely needed to edit this post like 3 times already haha!) Anyways, I have been feeling pretty magical lately and decided to dress woodsy, and Fae-ish [: These two looks feature some of my favorite designers so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

On Sunny:

Redmint Back Drop Boxers no1

Redmint laceup tshirt

FI Wicked piercing in balck with shadows

Hermony MP Eyes in Olive

Hermony Cigarette hand attach

Curio Sunny Pure Skin

[BS] Socket Shape

DROT  Kenny  in black ice

Ronsem Cargo shorts in black

DeeTaleZ shaved hairbase no tattoo

EarthStones BDSM Mistress’ Ring

On Sunny:

99Hair Krima in b1

Calypso Giano Watch in classic black

EarthStones BDSM Mistress’ Ring

VTattoo Enigma Tattoo

Gisaci Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in white

Redmint side drop jeans no4

FI Wicked Black with Shadows

Hermony MP Eyes – Olive

[BS] Socket Shape

Curio Sunny Pure Skin

Again I hope you enjoyed my first post and keep a look out for my next one. Happy Holidays everyone!

❤ FIYF Team ❤


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