Ok stopping by to do a quick post before I head to bed!  YAY first post for me and Sunny at the same time! =0

I was feeling in a pretty festive mood today and decided that a wintery wonderland would suffice.  Sunny set up the scene and voila!

Hope you enjoy!

On Aeryn –

Top – INDI – Knit Turtleneck Sweater Pink
Piercing – POM – Face Piercing – Snake Studs
Eyelashes – Lashes 10
Leggings – [Sakide] Shredded Leggings
Hair – [e] – Soft Blonde 07
Skin – [III] Paige Milk Soft Touch
Eyeliner – Blah – Twiggy Eyeliner
Piercing 2 – Cobrahive – N Septum
Boots – drd bootslazybuckblack
Tattoo – Delusions – Lips Like Morphine

On Sunnyboi

Lowlifes unisex pinstripe jeans (in black)
*SL* finger tapes w/ nails
(NS) Rock’n’Rolla Belt – white
Hermony MP eyes (Olive)
Curio Skin (sunny)
[BS] Shape  (Socket)
[Shag] – Boys Don’t Cry (chesnut)
DeeTaleZ shaved (no tattoo)
INDI Design – Knit Pull over (purple)
MIEL – Far Boots (solid)
RYCA Necklace Crown2 Long (Platinum)
FI Wicked (Black with Shadows)

❤ Aeryn n Sunnyboi


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