Sex, Drugs and Glam Rock

Hiya ladies and bois [: I’ve got a real treat for you 😛  (thats a clue!)



On Sunny:

Hair – Rawhouse Khaos & Urban Savage

Glasses – #187# broken nerd glasses

Eyes – Hermony MP eyes Grass

Tongue – Scrub Extasy Tongue

Jacket – LWL {ladies who lunch} Jem Jacket

Tshirt – Gizza Creations Panda Shirt

(not pictured but…)

Baggy Shorts – *X&plosion baggy pants black

Belt – Scrub, My Muse

High/Low tops – Pornstar Extra High-tops




bois do it better ;]

Hello fashion savvy followers.

-feel free to insert cheesy wave “hello” here-

This new look is a quick favorite of mine and I hope you like it just as much as I do.


On Sunny:

Hair/Hat combo – INDI Designs Oversized beanie

Tongue/Piercing combo – Redmint plugs&piercing (1)

Eyes – Hermony MP Chocolate

*SL* fingertapes & nails

Hermony Studded wrist band

Hoodie – Romsem (deep sea)

Jeans- Redmint side drop no4

Belt – :CooB [rock n roll] belt

Tattoo (hard to see pictured here – its positioned just above your jeans and says “All I want for Christmas is a girl that swallows”)

by -FOCUS- “Swallows Tattoo”

AoD mYpOd

Shoes – INDI Olivieri sneakers black/red


Mood Swings

Today I have a bit of fashion mixed with some cute couples poses from, you guessed it! Mood Swings [: I hope you enjoy my look as well as the poses featured

On Sunny:

Eyes: Hermony MP Eyes in Olive

Hair: +BM+ HO60 in black

DeeTaleZ Hair shaved tattoo (rings)

Ink: Wicked Tattoos – No Mercy

Sweater: **GizzA** Argyle Suit in Green/Blue

Boxers: RedMint backdrop boxers in black

Jeans: *X*plosion BobbesJeans

Shoes: HOC Industries – Easy Strider





Rythm & Blues

Hi again everyone! It’s me, Sunny. I was creating a custom boi shape for a BODI shapes customer and was inspired by it! I threw on a new skin, hair and outfit and voila [: This look features some designers I haven’t blogged yet so be prepared for awesomeness 😀 Hope you like my look




On Sunny:

Hat – Jeans Grey hat by CrunkBeast

Shades – Aviatorz style #003 by HOC

Shirt – Blues T-shirt by **GizzA**

Vest – Biker vest by +grasp+

Necklace – Crown2 long in platinum by RYCA

Ring – Three-Cobb in platinum by RYCA

Shorts/Belt – Short Biz by Crunkbeast

Shoes – Orange Fuks Sneakers by DuGa Design (sadly I think they’ve closed)

Hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be sure to blog again soon!


All Sunny Here!

Hey there everyone! This is my first offical post without Aeryn and I haven’t the slightest idea how to use wordpress 😛 So wish me luck! (been a rough start here I must say, definitely needed to edit this post like 3 times already haha!) Anyways, I have been feeling pretty magical lately and decided to dress woodsy, and Fae-ish [: These two looks feature some of my favorite designers so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

On Sunny:

Redmint Back Drop Boxers no1

Redmint laceup tshirt

FI Wicked piercing in balck with shadows

Hermony MP Eyes in Olive

Hermony Cigarette hand attach

Curio Sunny Pure Skin

[BS] Socket Shape

DROT  Kenny  in black ice

Ronsem Cargo shorts in black

DeeTaleZ shaved hairbase no tattoo

EarthStones BDSM Mistress’ Ring

On Sunny:

99Hair Krima in b1

Calypso Giano Watch in classic black

EarthStones BDSM Mistress’ Ring

VTattoo Enigma Tattoo

Gisaci Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in white

Redmint side drop jeans no4

FI Wicked Black with Shadows

Hermony MP Eyes – Olive

[BS] Socket Shape

Curio Sunny Pure Skin

Again I hope you enjoyed my first post and keep a look out for my next one. Happy Holidays everyone!

❤ FIYF Team ❤




Thank you all for your patience with me.  This is a really hard time for me due to me basically living in the hospital again.  I will be able to hop on and post every now and then.  I am trying my hardest to stay on top of things but it’s very difficult when rl is as hectic as mine is.


On a brighter note…here’s some pics.

On Aeryn –

Jeans – -(BR)- /Jeans Print Leo/ White
Boots – [ SAKIDE ] – Crocodile Boots – Black
Jacket – INDI Designs – Stand Collar Jacket Black
Hair – [e] – Frost – Winter Whites
Skin – Al Vulo! – Easy – Black w. teeth
Piercings – POM – Snake Bite Studs

On Sunnyboi –

[BS] Socket
Hermony MP Eyes (olive)
[Shag] Boys Don’t Cry (Chesnut)
DeeTaleZ Shaved (no tattoo)
Curio Aconr – Sunny – Pure
[CALYPSO GIANO] Watch – Classic Black
*SL* Finger Tapes w/ nails
Lowlifes unisex Skinny jeans (grey)
INDI Design Winter Jacket (black)
MIEL Far boots – solid
Reek  Augie Glasses (black)

❤ FIYF Team ❤


Ok stopping by to do a quick post before I head to bed!  YAY first post for me and Sunny at the same time! =0

I was feeling in a pretty festive mood today and decided that a wintery wonderland would suffice.  Sunny set up the scene and voila!

Hope you enjoy!

On Aeryn –

Top – INDI – Knit Turtleneck Sweater Pink
Piercing – POM – Face Piercing – Snake Studs
Eyelashes – Lashes 10
Leggings – [Sakide] Shredded Leggings
Hair – [e] – Soft Blonde 07
Skin – [III] Paige Milk Soft Touch
Eyeliner – Blah – Twiggy Eyeliner
Piercing 2 – Cobrahive – N Septum
Boots – drd bootslazybuckblack
Tattoo – Delusions – Lips Like Morphine

On Sunnyboi

Lowlifes unisex pinstripe jeans (in black)
*SL* finger tapes w/ nails
(NS) Rock’n’Rolla Belt – white
Hermony MP eyes (Olive)
Curio Skin (sunny)
[BS] Shape  (Socket)
[Shag] – Boys Don’t Cry (chesnut)
DeeTaleZ shaved (no tattoo)
INDI Design – Knit Pull over (purple)
MIEL – Far Boots (solid)
RYCA Necklace Crown2 Long (Platinum)
FI Wicked (Black with Shadows)

❤ Aeryn n Sunnyboi

Here we go again

I am back in the hospital with my mom so it may be a bit before I blog again.

❤ Aeryn

But baby it’s cold outside.

On Keanu:

Skin: Fruk – Lennon (The Anchor)
Eyes: .ID. – Mirror Eyes
Hairbase: Plume – E.Y.C. style 3

Jacket: [ 2byte ] – Retro Jacket (red)
Shirt: Cheeseburger – DJ Yoda
Jeans: [Atomic] – Skinny Jeans (Vintage)
Belt: Pepper – (All-with-me)
Hat: [NSD] – Seasons Woolly Hat (Season’s Hunt gift)
Boots: [ Hoorenbeek ] – EarthKeeper (Tan/Green)
Glasses: [[Shade Throne]] – The Kool Geek Glasses 2

Sticky Fingers Bikini’s and Lingerie nom nom

Who doesn’t love bikini’s and some sexy ass lingerie for those special moments? Uh…well duh me.  Sticky Fingers has put out these amazing lingerie sets and bikini’s that cling your body in just the right way.  I had to fight off a certain boi when I was trying to take pictures lol.

The lingerie comes in a wide assortmant of colors and the bikini’s come in a handful of cute styles.

You simply cannot go wrong.  So head on over to StickyFingers and spoil yourself.